Welcome to Elblag skydiving club

Skydiving in Elblag. This is a short version of the Elblag Skydiving club web page. Not all informations are published in English, so please feel free to contact us.

Main aircraft is SMG92 Turbo Finnist, which carries up to 10 skydivers up to 14000ft/4200m in 15 minutes. Opening time during a season (Aprill - October) is mainly weekends (from 10 AM), but the best way is always to contact us before a visit ( call +48 609 350 902). It is possible also to arrange jumps in the middle of week. Requirements are simple - you need atleast a USPA / FAI B licence (or your country equivalent) and 3rd party insurance. Medical record - according to your country rules. Gear airworthy and mandatory equipped with AAD. We have limited number of gear for rent mainly conservative size. If you are not a skydiver, you can still do a TANDEM JUMP (no need for a license, and we take care of your insurance) ! With a tandem jump, it takes about 15 minutes to train you, and then you'll be taken up to 14000 feet with an experienced Tandem instructor harnessed to you. After exiting the aircraft, you'll get thrilled by the speed of freefall (200km/h or 120 mph). The Tandem instructor deploys a parachute after about 35-45 seconds of freefall, and you will fly around for approximately 5 minutes (enjoying a fantastic view) before a nice soft grass landing. There is a possibility to arrange tandem with amazing landing on the beach in nearby town Kadyny ! We are waiting for you! Blue Sky.

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